Actiondays ‘doordraaidagen’

Doordraaidagen >
action days against the eviction wave From 2nd to 5th of July 2011

After nearly a year of squatting ban it has become clear that the city of Amsterdam has declared a war on squatters. Unsurprisingly, the mayor has chosen the side of speculators, mafia and money. So many squats have already been evicted, and soon more are about to follow. If we don’t do something now, soon it will be too late. Let’s show them that you reap what you sow – evicting squats means asking for resistance! Join us for a long weekend full of workshops and actions against the eviction wave!

Sat 2nd July > arriving, info & food + a benefit party @ Schijnheilig (here also the info-point will be, address is Passeerdersgracht 23)

Sun 3rd July > practical as well as interesting workshops // inspiring movies +
demonstration against the eviction wave,17.00 Damsquare

Mon 4th July > workshops + preparing for the following day

Tue 5th July > Eviction wave: a day of resistance! Join our actions or plan your own! Check the website for further information and meanwhile talk to your friends: organize, plot and plan! Get ready to show that squatting will go on! Kraken draait door!This system tries to squeez us, to rule us, to conquer us: but we say to here and further. We won’t let them make us homeless without resistance. This is a call-out to resist these unjust practices. Resistance they’ll face, we won’t let them conquer us: sowing eviction means harvesting resistance! For more information go contact us at

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