…en het uur u nadert..

Zozo, even weinig tijd gehad gehad voor updates  – het uur U nadert en de voorbereidingen zijn in volle gang.

Komt allen naar de LiveClah in Schijnheilig, of vanavond alvast naar het pyjama feestje! Zie de call-out! het is belangrijk dat er veeeel mensen hun solidariteit komen betuigen – we kunnen ze ons natuurlijk niet zomaar onze plekken laten ontruimen!!

Het was tot nu toe een erg geslaagd weekend, met goede kraken, mooie demonstratie, workshops, gezelligheid & natuurlijk actie! Helaas teveel actie om op deze website een goede link te geven naar alle filmpies en foto’s op het net. Maar hier zijn mooie foto’s en op indymedia nog een verslag! Post gerust linkies – daar zijn we blij mee!

Een gedachte over “…en het uur u nadert..

  1. One problem with the ‘mooie demonstraties’ I’ve seen and attended (i.e. in Amsterdam, Den Hague, Nijmegen and Utrecht) is that nothing whatsoever has been affected at the top decision making levels. Another is that the typical person is too busy, unaware or desperate to listen or react to yet another hipster-anarchist crowd in front of city hall. The royalty and robber barons running this country into the ground are behind enough lines of police, security guards and fences to block out any protest – good, bad, peaceful or riotous from their majestic eyesights or range of hearing.

    The way it’s going now, financial harship and the resulting class anger will do more to sow revolution in the Netherlands than diletant demonstrations have currently. Seems to me most typical protests wind up being escuses for activist friends to hang out and commiserate vociferously – then go get stoned or drunk.

    Big crowds of protesters just justify the tightly-guarded fears of tax-paying, stature-abiding Dutch citizens who have the actual power to say no to the corrupt politicians and economies that have enthroned the more power-mad tyrants of modern and ancient memory. Waking people up in the streets from their shopping and substance-induced slumbers one-by-one would do more immediate good than another photo opportunity in front of a reinforced building holding your feudal overlords.

    While city-center squats could do much to raise this type of awareness with the public, what I’ve seen over years of observation is more to do with free-love, free-room, slacker hedonism among the young and not-so-beautiful than changing attitudes or political direction among the masses. While krakers and anarchists are undoubtedly doing their personal best not to fit the mould, they aren’t doing much around here to break it (in my opinion).

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